About BC

about-bc-photoBrian Conner is a professional photographer living and working in North Essex.

Starting out in photography as a hobby at a young age, first using a high tech (for the year) Hanimex 110 film camera, taking a photo couldn't have been much easier - just point and shoot.

Moving on a few years and a major upgrade to his first 35mm SLR film camera, the aptly named Practica BC-1 and then through the Minolta 7000 and onto his much loved Minolta 7000i, things got a bit more complicated.

After being introduced to airshows by his parents as a boy, Brian was still 'dragging' them out, years later in the early hours to shows like Mildenhall Air Fete, sitting at the gates, in the car, hours before they opened.

His first job out of school was with The Photographic Workshop in Colchester, Essex, as an assistant photographer, where he was trained in all sorts of areas of photography and related jobs - design, advertising, exhibitions etc.

Using anything from 35mm, 120 and 5x4 stand cameras right through to large repro cameras, was just the start of the process. The film still needed to be developed and printed (also done at The Photographic Workshop) so many an hour was spent perfecting things in the darkroom too.

After a year or two, Brian gained qualifications in photography at college in Barking and continued to learn new skills with the introduction of digital cameras and image manipulation using Apple Mac computers instead of the darkroom.

Many years later, Brian is still working at TPW Graphics (formerly The Photographic Workshop) doing commercial photography but all of the photographs on this site were taken in his 'spare' time - showing that he finds it hard to put the camera down.


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